Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Snag, Rude people and payback

Can we say Snag it???? Yup I snagged it. What did I snag?

Welllllllllllllllllllll Anyone whose anyone KNOWS I am crafty. I just love to make stuff.
I sew, paint, make cards, you name I do it. One of the tools I use is a cricut. I was able to get a cricut last year on sale at a great deal. About the time I picked up my first cricut, provo craft came out with the cricut imagine. Its got all the bells and whistles on it, yup it can even cook your dinner. Okay so lets talk about the price here. It was OUT OF LINE, crazy sky high, over the top, out of my budget. It was selling for between 499.00-599.00. I put it out of my mind.
Fast forward. Black Friday. I had heard through the grapevine that the cricut imagine was going to be on sale on black Friday at wally world for an amazing 187.00. Hmmmmmmm that got me thinking. I could ask my three kids to chip in for me ( would that be crass? uncooth?) I decided to just go for it. Last year was a myriad of sweaters that did not fit and what nots left unused and unloved. I spoke up and told my kids what I wanted. BUT here was the catch someone had to go get it. No theres the rub. My kids said they would chip in but NONE of them would wait on line. Hubby SWEETLY volunteered to take me on Thanksgiving night to brave the cold cruel world. This was my first ever venture. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I knew if ya want a deal the early bird catches the worm. So after Thanksgiving we headed out to Walmart about 8 pm. I kind of thought they might be gone. Everybody knew they were on sale and this was the big one. I meandered into walmart and trotted my butt back to the crafting/ sewing aisle. I saw HOARDS of people standing in line. The first voice I heard once I got back there was " Hey if you want a t.v you need to go to that line over there" in a rather rude tone. I politely told the walmart employee that I was there for the cricut imagine. I was fortunate, they had more than enough for me, ahahah! She loaded it in my cart for me and then the fun began. We paced around the store until about 8:45 and at that point the store was jam packed. I was getting a little panicky as the aisles were crowded and it was wall to wall people. Hubby and I decided to walk to the front of the store "just in case" you know the just in case. Just in case a stampede breaks out, or shotgun fires, or an explosion. Who knows what might happen in a crowd that large, hahahah. So I found a seat and started the 1 hour wait till the check outs opened at 10 pm. Since I enjoy watching the human race I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. Trust me it was NOT a pretty sight. The men behaved themselves. They waited their turns, played by the rules and were generally nice. The women on the other hand were just plain UGLY. Manners went out the door and decorum was no where to be had. When it came time to line up I got on the express line- under 20 items. As I get very close to the checkout a woman with a huge overstuffed wagon with at least 45 items steps right in front of me. I mean she tromps right ahead of me, practically pushing me out of the way. I turned around and said to hubby "what does she not understand about under 20 items?" Hubby being the level headed one out of us quickly shusshed me up and said lower your voice you don't want to incite a riot. I was red hot angry. Did she not know right from wrong, it was obvious she had no manners or integrity. About 5 minutes after this lady cuts me off, ANOTHER lady walks right up to the lady who originally cut me off with a GAZILLION items and starts trying to get through the crowd, yelling at the top of her lungs can I get through? can I get through?, my brother is waiting for me at the front. Everybody in line gives her a dirty look but she continues. Finally someone says No you cannot cut in line. She then drags her wagon around the other way and Slips right in, Right in FRONT of the original lady who cut me off!!!!!! Then my hubby started laughing and said "see she got hers!!!" Sometimes it just more fun to back off and wait to see how it all works out!!


Cathy said...

I love this! Cathy x

Evin said...

You are so brave for going out! I got nervous just driving past walmart on our way home from the inlaws! I saw that crowd outside and thought how terrible it must be inside. You got an amazing deal though!

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