Saturday, November 5, 2011

Run, Run as fast as you can!!! Can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man

I made a cute little gingerbread Pin for the Holidays today.

It's adorable and really easy to do. Here is a list of supplies you will need.

Small crafting scissor
Large scissor
2 paper lunch bags, or brown wrapping paper
An image of a gingerbread man ( you can get this off the internet, as long as it is not copyrighted)
Glue stick
hot fix crystal setter
hot fix crystals
sewing machine
mod podge.

First find a colorful image of a gingerbread man, download it and print it off
cut the image out ( there is a picture of the gingerbread man I used)
take the image and cut 4 gingerbread men out of the paper bags
Take the glue stick and glue the four brown gingerbread men to the back of the colored image.

take your gingerbread man to the sewing machine and sew the outline of the man with a coordinating thread, I used white to sew along the vest jacket of my lil man. You can use what goes with your lil man.
Then use your hot fix tool to attach crystals to the front of the gingerbread man.
Seal completely with Mod Podge- give several coats and coat the edges of the gingerbread man too.
When the gingerbread man is semi dry- and no longer tacky, place a book over the gingerbread man so that he flattens out. Give him a few coats

and once this little Guy ( or girl) is dried, apply your pin back to the back of the gingerbread man.
If you want to use this as an ornament you can also do that by attaching a small piece of ribbon to the back of it. You can also use this as gift tag.


Amberr Meadows said...

Very cute and simple. Even I might manage to successfully make a few. I'll get my daughter to help me out, too :-)

Amberr Meadows said...

Very cute and simple. Even I might manage to successfully make a few. I'll get my daughter to help me out, too :-)

Helen233 said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! They are simple and they come out SEW cute!!!

Leslie M. said...

Amber you are a sweet Gal!!
I think you Rock. I love how supportive you are!!! Thanks for being so kind hearted and uplifting. It doesn't go unnoticed

Leslie Loves Veggies

Those Ginger Bread men would look really cute on someone Christmas Tree!!! hint hint!

Helen233 said...

I agree Leslie, Amberr is very kind and sweet.

Go read her blog, I think you would like it!

Plus she writes about destinations
we are very familiar with!!!

Leslie M. said...

I sure will Helen. I always tell my girls to surround themselves with people who are uplifting and supportive and to try to be that kind of person too. I know I fall short so many times so it's nice to see someone who's fits the bill!

Have a great week! Great job! That gingerbread man is so adorable. I wish I was crafty. I can cook though! hahah

Theresa said...

Super cute idea! I might have to try this one with my 9yr old. She would enjoy it!