Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Walk like you have somewhere to Go" Book review by Lucille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal is a blessed man. He is not blessed because he is famous or even rich. He is blessed because he has a Godly Mama who loves the Lord.
Lucille O'Neal was a single Mother for some time, she tells her story of poverty and pain. The pain of explaining to her grandparents of her pregnancy with Shaquille. It was 1972, not a good time to be young and Black.
Lucille eloquently tells her journey of hope and faith. Lucille's own mom had various trials in her own life and subsequently divorced Lucille's dad.
The Book was a little bit difficult to get into I will admit. Some of the pages were quite dull, however the story is an inspiration. Lucille determined to make it in life and raise her kids, digs her heels in and does what she needs to do. You will be inspired and awed by her difficult journey and the ultimate story of success. She went through difficulties and the Lord has been glorified through them.
I would recommend this book.