Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cookie book lost and found

Why does my brain work overtime RIGHT at bedtime?? Last night after I crawled into bed after being sick as a dog all afternoon my brain started kicking into overdrive.
I started thinking about Christmas and all the memories. My mind went back to many moons ago when
My twin sister and I were kids. I remembered about a cookie book my mom used to have. It was spiral bound. I couldn't remember the publisher or what had become of this cookie book. I wondered where it was and if it was a better homes and gardens cook book. I suddenly thought it wasn't the gifts I remembered most it was my mother. My mother baking her christmas cookies. My twin and I would get out this special book my mom had and we would pick out cookies we wanted mommy to make for us. She made the Candy cane ones and the sugar cookies and a bunch of others.
First thing this morning I called my twin sister. " Hey sissy do you remember whatever happened to that Christmas cookie book mommy had. She said oh yeah, I have it. Mommy gave it to me 20 years ago. Well glad to know the book is safe and sound with Sissy.
Got me to thinking I don't recall ever making Christmas cookies for or with my own kids. How sad. I decided to go to Kroger and get the ingredients to make some cookies for Christmas, butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, cookie cutters and cookie icing too, oh and nonpareils.

I sure hope they come out good, I hope I can begin making up for lost time. Its not the presents we remember most its the little extra touch's that matter most


Leslie M. said...

I cherish that cookbook so much! I knew in an instant which cookbook you meant and where it was! I often take it out and look at it! It means the world to me! Mommy gave it to me back in 1993 after I went to her house and sat on the floor and looked at the pictures as a grown woman with my girls!

I've made cookies with my girls and with my mom and it's a joy!

I'm going to make cookies this week. Come on over! Hershey's, Bless their hearts sent me some wonderful goodies! I'm going to bake some yummers with their delicious ingredients!


Anonymous said...

I'm burned out from making cookies every year. I loathe the prep, the storage and the clean up. It's nice to just buy a big can of that three flavor popcorn and make that our Christmas treat.

You will enjoy making cookies with your kids. I did when my boys were young. Have fun!