Friday, February 5, 2010

Momma, you were a piece of work

Frankly My dear I have had a very ,very stressful life, there is no doubt about it, but with the stress there have been some absolutley hysterical moments during those times. I have shared my life with my twin sister(shes calls us "womb mates".)
We have been the best of friends and the absolute worst of enemies. We have developed a friendship that has stood the test of time. No doubt because we had no choice, hahah.
Many of you know that my sissy and I were given the dubious task of taking care of my elderly mother till she passed away in 2007. Oh how we miss her and yet we look back on the shenanigans she pulled and they were hysterical. She pitted my sissy and I against each other for about 7 years and neither one of us was the wiser.
Honestly we were both dumb, dumb as dirt in this matter. She would get me aside and start nonchalantly talking about sissy and keep it up till my blood was boiling, then ever so sneaky this little chubby bandit would get my sissy aside and start talking smack about me. Sissys blood pressure would rise and she would either call me or we would see each other. Invariably my mom would come along for the ride as I went to my sisters house or she would eavesdrop on the conversation. It was not my intention to go over and pick a fight with her but sure enough, we would start the fisticuffs. While this was going on, where was our Mom? She was sitting at my sisters kitchen table, having her coffee quietly and dunking her glazed donut in the coffee, watching, silently watching.
Now mind you this went on for years. How could we not see that our sweet innocent little mother was stirring the pot????, hahahhaah, we were both so blinded toward our cute little old lady mama that neither of us could figure out this was her entertainment.
The Aha moment came from my brilliant sister ( she was ALWAYS much much smarter than me, I was the gorgeous one, she had the smarts, ahahha) About 6 months before my mother passed. The lightbulb went on and she saw what mommy was doing. We spoke and compared numerous years worth of notes, and realized what she had been doing. She needed the drama and craved it. Well once we found out what she was doing we confronted her. We told her we knew exactly what she had been up to and that we were no longer going to allow her to get away with this. I don't remember exactly what she said but it was something like you finally figured it out?
Mommy had gotten away with her shenanigans for about 7 years, undetected by either of us.


Puanani503 said...

Hi Helen:)
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blogmom221 said...

It must be mothers in general who do this. My mother still does it even though we have called her on it. She does it to other family members to. We still love her though.