Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sissys insomniac pillow torture

I grew up being a twin. It is who I am, it is "me". My twin and I are as different as night and day. Oh we do have similarities; we are both hysterically funny. Get us together and we are like Lucy and Ethel, the antics never cease. We can find humor in the dregs. Our humor has sustained us during the difficult times we both have experienced. In the next few weeks I will be tell ya'll about our various tales. While we are alike in our sense of humor we do have alot of differences.
The biggest differenece between us is our sleeping patterns, since day one my sissy has been a late night owl. Up past midnight since newborn and always looking for an adventure. Leave it to her to be shopping at walmart at 2 am. Thats a bunch of malarkey for me. I will NOT shop at walmart at 2 am, most likely I will be sleeping while she is wide awake. I am becoming a somewhat night owl. I can stay up if I force myself, and I MEAN FORCE myself. I was up till 3am only because I wanted to wait up for hubby to return from work so I could cook him breakfast. Well anyway, Sissys late night antics have irritated me since BIRTH.
Sissy and I grew up in a modest family, we were not rich we were not poor. We had just enough and I do praise God for that. One thing we did not have was our own beds till we were about 7. We had to share a double bed ( I believe it was a double bed, we were so small and the bed looked so big). Many of you might think how wonderful. It was torture for me, sheer unadulterated TORTURE. Yes folks, my sweet sissy over at tortured my heart out. Do you want to know how? It was her pillow antics, if you remember me saying she could stay up till wee hours of the morning, what does a 3 year old want at 3 am?? She wants a playmate. She wants some fun, some entertainment, and there was no TV back in those days to turn on to amuse her. What does an energetic little snot nosed 3 year old do, she turns the pillow into a human torture machine. She takes her chubby little paws and quickly slides them under my pillow continously all night. She wants to wake me up, she wants to play. Her hands goes under my pillow and her little fingers tap tap tap all night, BIDDING me to wake up and talk or play. I would beg, I would plead, I would cry please, please Sissy leave me alone I want to sleep.
Many times I had to wake up to appease this little monster. This went on year in and year out, day in and day out. Bedtime became a torture because Sissy had insomnia. Finally we got our own beds at about 7 and life was good, No more pillow torture.

Sissy if you are reading this, I am still waiting for revenge, ahhahahhahahah


Leslie M. said...

I gotta say this say this is the truth SAVE for one minor detail. MY hand were NEVER EVER chubby. My big fat round butt Yes, but I have to say I have tiny little China Doll hands!
So there ya go.

Chew on that Sister Dear.

Oh those were the days.

I remember it well.
Leslie Loves Veggies (She Do!)

Helen233 said...
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Helen233 said...

yeah I guess your right, your little hands werent' chubby BUT BOY OH BOY THEY SURE FELT like it, hahahhahaha

I love you SISSY!!!!

Amy said...

Hi, Helen!

I just saw your post here -

I'm following you, and hoping you'll do the same for me. :)

Thank you! Amy

Helen233 said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you for leaving a comment.

I will follow you too.

Helen233 said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you for leaving a comment.

I will follow you too.

Anonymous said...

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effects of divorce said...

This reminds me of my brother and I when we were little kids. He's not my twin though, but we sleep in the same room. He also had his insomnia at an early age. Even if I was already all ready to snuggle up in bed, he'd force me to play some board games with him till early in the morning. But, thinking about it now, those times were great. I'm sure you seem to think so too.

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