Sunday, August 29, 2010

What it is I love to do

You may wonder what it is I love to do. Well its not cookin, no siree, cooking is not my favorite sport. Cooking makes you ugly I have decided, hahahah. My favorite thing to do is be Artsy Fartsy, otherwise known as Artistic. Whether it is sewing, painting, writing poetry or expressing myself through the use of varied media like pastels crafting is a wonderful way of expressing your own God given talent.
Everybody has talent even my sissy over at Leslie Loves veggies. She is bloggie fiend meaning she loves to blog. You can find her blogging away most hours of the day. You can find me painting, crafting, decorating and conjuring up stuff in my mind most hours of the day.

My newest toy is the cricut personal cutter, I cannot wait to figure this baby out. Well I have to get it out of the box first, then figue it out.

Well gotta run craft