Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom
I know you would never come back to this earth for your eyes have seen our Lord.
I miss you so much mom ,and everyday brings a new set of fresh tears. You would think after
three years it would not hurt so much. Remember when you said you wanted us to just miss you a little? I wish I could only miss you a little, it might not hurt so much.
Life goes on its true, I cannot stop the world from spinning, or keep the sun from shining.
But there are many days I just want to step off for a brief moment and see you, just to say Hello and give you a kiss.
I always thought I was old enough to lose my mother and that I had my time with her and it would all be okay. I was wrong. Your never ready to lose your precious mother.


Leslie M. said...

I talked to Jerry this morning. I told her Mommy said. "All I ask is that you miss me a little"
I do.. so I know Mommy is happy!

I decided to miss her and cherish her memory by thinking and dwelling on the happy memories! I still cry and miss her, but from now on.. I am going to relish in all the good and fun and bright and sunny times! The dark and down is gone! That is NOT what Mommy was about! Mommy was a party girl. I am going to honor her by going on and living for the future for when I see her again, because I know I will. Miss her? Yes I do.. but I WILL see her again.. and until that day when we meet again in HEAVEN.. I will be making happy memories with my family so I can tell her all about it when we re-unite! Do the same with me Helen! Mommy would want that for Both of us!! I feel it!
I love you!